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Covington Office Expansion-Completed!

It’s official, Nick is out of the living room! Construction is over at Covington!

If you have visited our office in the past year you may have noticed a few out of the ordinary things; our Research Analyst, Nick Allen, working in the living room, loud noises, ladders, construction workers, etc. Well, this was all a part of our expansion, adding more office space upstairs to keep up with the growing needs of our company. I am happy to announce the addition at Covington has now been completed. I would like to take you on a virtual tour of our new office space, starting with the outside of the building.

New view from the front of the building

New view of the back of the building

Next, we will go inside and upstairs to the new office space. 

First, you will see Alma's newly renovated office. Alma Johnson is Covington's Office Manager. This office was already here at Covington and was previously used by Cindy Jones. 

Through Alma's office you will find our new Reading Area and Collaborative Work Space.

You can see some of the original brick of the office here to the left in the new hallway leading to Cindy and Nick's offices. 

Don't be alarmed when you peek in the living room to say "Hi" to our newest employee, Nick. You will find him upstairs now, in his very own office space. Nick Allen is Covington's Research Analyst. He loves his new workspace but we think he may miss the comforts of the living room!

And last but not least, Cindy has a new and improved office space. Cindy Jones is the Portfolio Manager at Covington. 

Thank you for taking the tour with me and for your continued confidence and support in our services. 

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