Investment Management

Our Philosophy

The underlying investment philosophy of Covington is very simple: invest long-term in proven enterprises of high-quality securities.

Our Process

  • There is no “one plan fits all” approach at Covington. Our recommendations are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.
  • We make sure we have an understanding of what is important to you and the goals you are trying to achieve, the time horizon, and the risk you are willing to accept.
  • With this information, we develop a customized investment profile or asset allocation to help you achieve those goals.
    • Stock selections are principally focused on individual securities and accounts are managed on a separate account basis.
    • Bond exposure will consist of high-quality individual securities or highly-rated bond mutual funds.
  • We carefully monitor each investment in your portfolio and rebalance as necessary.
  • We keep you informed with quarterly performance reports and updates as needed.